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Archive for July 2019

RLA EXPERT INTERVIEW – Dr. Robert McHugh 07-28-2019

Click Here to Download and Read the Transcript Are there technical indicators that really point the direction in the markets and the economy?  According to our guest this week, Dr. Robert McHugh, the answer is a resounding yes! Robert McHugh, Ph.D. is President and Chief Executive Officer of Main Line Investors, Inc., the proprietor of…

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RLA EXPERT INTERVIEW – Gerald Celente 07-14-2019

Click Here to Download and Read the Transcript Wall Street, the Banks, and our government are like drug addicts… they’re addicted to what our guest this week, Gerald Celente, calls “monetary methadone”.  Join your host Dennis Tubbergen for this week’s Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio show where he and Mr. Celente discuss the slowing global economy…

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