Financial Expert and TV Personality

Dennis Tubbergen is a sought after financial industry leader and has appeared as guest expert on both local and national television news and radio programs.

Host of Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio Show

Dennis Tubbergen is the host of the syndicated radio show RETIREMENT LIFESTYLE ADVOCATES RADIO.  The show airs each week and features interviews with many of the countries top economists and financial experts.

Best Selling Author and Speaker

Best selling author and speaker, Dennis Tubbergen has written four books and publishes a weekly newsletter.  His most recent book, "New Retirement Rules" scored Top 10 Best Seller and Hot New Release on Amazon.

In Print Media

DENNIS TUBBERGEN is a known expert in financial and economic matters.  His articles are frequently picked up in print media publications, and network news sites across the country.

On Television

DENNIS TUBBERGEN has been interviewed on-air many times. While he brings tremendous knowledge regarding the economy and finances, he delivers in a manner that is easily understood and entertaining to the audience.

On Radio

DENNIS TUBBERGEN hosts a weekly syndicated radio show, Retirement Lifestyle Advocates Radio.  Each week Dennis entertains and informs his listeners with guest expert interviews and his own perspectives on the economy.

In Books

DENNIS TUBBERGEN has written 8 books, including two #1 best-sellers, and publishes a weekly financial newsletter titled "Your Portfolio Watch".  His latest book, "Revenue Sourcing" was an Amazon #1Best Seller when it launched.

DENNIS TUBBERGEN is an author, speaker, and sought-after expert, working in the financial services industry for over 30 years.